META (Midwest Educational Technology Association) is a group of IT professionals who work in public and private schools in and around the La Crosse, Wisconsin area, all of whom share a common interest in educational technology.

Although we had been a group of K12 techs (we weren't K20 yet) loosely tied together for more than eight years, we decided to officially become a formal organization in 2008. In 2013, we began including college and university staff and became K20.


Our name was carefully chosen to reflect our intent to include all K20 techs in the Midwest area, not just Wisconsin where we hold the annual BrainStorm technology conference. Membership is generally derived from attendance at our annual BrainStorm conference. All K20 techs are cordially invited.


META typically holds regional meetings in the La Crosse area monthly. Area K20 technology directors, network administrators and other IT personnel are encouraged and welcome to attend. Meetings consist of various technology related topics and their impact on schools. Sometimes we invite vendor demonstrations, or school district techs show new technologies, or we just take the time to compare notes and solutions to the common issues we all face.