Registration will be available sometime in October 2014 for Exhibitors and Nov/Dec 2014 for Attendees.

If you sign up for our mailing list we will alert you when registration opens.








































































































































Each person/exhibitor must have a unique username/password
that is newly created for each conference.

Exhibitors should not register through "Attendee Registration"

Exhibitors can register as an Attendee within the "Exhibitor/Sponsor Registration"

Registration will be confirmed by e-mail. You'll receive a message as soon as your registration has been processed.

Click here to see the registration fees.

Registration is done on an individual basis - no group registrations available.

Lodging is NOT included in the registration fees.

We DO NOT share your contact information with any vendors. Vendor contact lists are available via the Exhibitor Directory or the conference program book dirstributed at the conference.

From time to time we use photographs/videos of conference participants in our promotional materials. By virtue of your attendance at BrainStorm, META reserves the right to use your likeness in such materials.

In the unlikely event of cancellation of the conference, the liability of META is limited to the return of paid registration fees minus our expenses. Cancellations of travel reservations and hotel reservations made directly with the hotel are the responsibility of the attendee.